Our Mission is to provide mentoring and training in a Christian atmosphere where at-risk students can develop job skills, work habits and/or pursue further education.

Mobile Bay Institute provides full-time apprenticeship programs composed of classroom GED coursework and workshop training under teachers and professional tradesmen. The program prepares the youth for critical lifelong decisions related to job readiness, relationship skills, employee safety, teamwork, consequences of good and bad choices, planning and reaching goals. The wooden boats, our selected teaching tool, offer valuable lessons and skills which are transferable to the general building trades and to most facets of life. Those students who graduate the program and complete their GED are assisted with local employment opportunities and/or options for furthering their education. By giving these men and women education and careeer training, the Wooden Boat Ministry aims to help them become law abiding and productive citizens.

The Apprenticeship Program

The Apprenticeship Program is designed for 16 to 21 year old youth who exhibit at-risk behavior. Using wooden boat construction, participants are taught trade skills in woodworking and carpentry, including safety with hand tools and power equipment. Participants will be in GED classes or workshop activities Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Apprentices are selected for the program upon written referral by a pastor, teacher, judge, probation officer, city leader or school official. Participants will be chosen without regard to race, sexual orientation, religion or financial status.

Following successful completion of the program, graduates will receive assistance in securing employment, job training or further educations.

The apprentice program will be conducted by the Executive Director Jonathan Stebbins and the Workshop Instructor, Sam Ramsey. General Instructors, adult mentors and volunteers will also lead in the program. Activities for the apprenticeship program will be conducted at 360 Rapier Ave, Mobile, AL 36604.

The Building to Teach Program

The Building to Teach Program is designed to use hands-on boat building projects to strengthen the match skills of students ages 8 to 15. Classes are held in various locations and several formats, including after-school sessions, Saturdays and week-long camps. Participants are referred to MBI through school teachers, community leaders and parents.

Trained instructors, tradesmen and mentors guide boat building projects using videos and hands-on exercises that are coordinated with the National Common Core Standards of math.

The MBI GED Program

The MBI GED Program is designed to be a part of the apprenticeship program. It will provide opportunities for at-risk youth to finish their basic educations, provide a path toward further education and equip them for employment. Participants will receive classroom sessions in the disciplines of Math, Science, English and History. Math instruction will be directly related to hands-on activities in bat building.

Participants of MBI’s GED Program must be enrolled in the apprenticeship program in order to qualify. Those candidates seeking only their GED will be directed to other programs throughout the City of Mobile to preserve the limited seating and scope of instruction at MBI.