Our Mission is to provide mentoring and training in a Christian atmosphere where at-risk students can develop job skills, work habits and/or pursue further education.

The following list of Activities are updated almost daily. For questions please Contact us.

  1. Paddle Making Class [Beginner Level] (free class, 16 hours, paddles may be purchased by student for $100, TBA)
  2. 12' Bevin's Skiff-Boatbuilding Class [Beginner Level] (free class, 30 hour class, @ Boys & Girls Club, Semmes or @ 100 Black Men of Mobile, downtown Mobile, TBA)
  3. 14' Peapod Skiff-Boatbuilding Class [Advanced Level] (free class, 150 hour class, @ Boys & Girls Club, Semmes, AL, TBA)
  4. 20' Sea Kayak- Boatbuilding Class [Moderate Level] (free class, 60 hour class, TBA)
  5. Painting & Varnishing the Bevin's Skiff-Volunteer Project [Moderate Level] (This is not a class but volunteer project open to the community, Wooden Boat Shop @ Oakleigh Garden Historic District, downtown Mobile, AL)
  6. Bevin's Skiff Oar Making Class [Beginner Level] (free class, 24 hour class, oars may be purchased by student for $175 each oar)
  7. Restoration of Bart Greer's 17' Wooden Oyster Boat-Community Project [Moderate Level] (free volunteer project, projected finish date is mid to late August, @ Wooden Boat Shop in Oakleigh Garden Historic District, downtown Mobile)
  8. Wooden Boat Thrift Store setup and Grand Opening-Volunteer Project (ongoing now through May and June until open @ 166 Noel Avenue, Mobile, AL 36607)
  9. Construction/Renovation at the Wooden Boat Shop-Volunteer Project (ongoing since October 2012 and intended through year 2014, typically weekend projects on Friday and Saturday from 8AM-6PM, contact Jonathan for details)